Hairdos Through The Decades by Zack McDowell

We're traveling through time with "100 Years of Hairstyle." Bringing this project to fruition was exciting. From music to costumes, our entire team had a blast (from the past) interpreting various hairstyles sported through the decades. Check out the full video here: 

Credits: Dugud Lab (Production); Zack McDowell (Director); Johnathan Fields (Producer); Chiomy Afrnugo (MSA Models), Maggie Houlihan (MSA Models), Dobri Dobrev (One Management), Matthew Sinnaeve (RED NYC); Wendi Miyake & Fatimot Isadare (Make-Up); Karl PaytonMichael Johnson (Hair Stylist); Morgan Carnevale & Ben Vogel (Wardrobe & Art);  Bill Schaumberg (Camera Assistant); Nadia Gilbert (G&E);  Katelyn Rebel (Production Assistant); Attic Studios (Studio);  "Black Coffee (Masters of Swing  EP - Instrumental)" by  Wolfgang Lohr (Music)

Create your own sunshine by Zack McDowell

We've teamed up with L'Oreal Paris USA again -- this time to showcase Sublime Bronze, their line of sunless tanners. Even on a winter day, we had plenty of "fun in sun" indoors which goes to show you don't need to wait until June to find your perfect shade. As always, it was blast working with everyone BTS to create a campaign featuring the #1 self-tanner brand. Check out the video below:

Credits: Dugud Lab (Production); Zack McDowell (Director); Johnathan Fields (Producer); Paula Nissen, Lucie Pustova, Kerry Morgan (Next Models); Wendi MiyakeAlana Wright (Make-Up); Michael Johnson (Hair Stylist); Tori H Nails (Nail Technician); Gina Donnelly (Wardrobe); Lisa Loew (Art Department); Bill Schaumberg (Camera Assistant); Nadia Gilbert (Gaffer); Shaun Weber (Grip); Sara Laufer (Production Assistant); Nu Hotel-Brooklyn (Location);  Lisa Schatz (Graphic Design); Kevin Tkach & James Jenkins (Digital Retouching); Mary Perrino (Colorist); "Smells Like Summer" by Early Hours (Music)

Because You're Worth It by Zack McDowell

Earlier this month, Dugud Lab teamed up with L’Oreal Paris USA and YouTube to create the hair care series, “Hairdos & Don’ts.” What happens when you pair an amazing crew and talent with vibrant colors and transformative products? Magic! 


Check out the full videos below and carry these pointers into your holiday looks. From all of us at Dugud, happy holidays! 



Credits: McCann NY (Creative Agency); Zack McDowell (Director); Johnathan Fields (Producer); Alayna Licardi (Total Repair 5 Model); Alexa Reynen (Color Vibrancy Model); Karl Payton (Total Repair 5 Hair Stylist); Isaac Davidson (Color Vibrancy Hair Stylist); Alana Wright (Make-Up); Tori H Nails (Nail Technician); Morgan Carnevale (Wardrobe); Taylor Horne (Props); Chad Young (Camera Assistant); Nadia Gilbert (Grip); Michael Solomon (Sound Engineer); Katelyn Rebelo (Production Assistant); Lisa Schatz (Animation)

The Contently Foundation by Zack McDowell

Telling stories that need to be heard is at the heart of everything Dugud does. While many organizations tell stories that matter, it's rare to find a group of people that believe in the inherent power of storytelling and its potential to change the world. Our director, Zack, had the pleasure of creating a mission video for The Contently Foundation, an organization that's shedding light on stories that are often overlooked by major news sources. Through steadfast investigative journalism, this NY based 501(c)3, has partnered with Fusion, Gawker, New York Post, and the Guardian to bring these stories to the masses. What you may not know is that these stories can take months to investigate and countless hours from various volunteers to put together. Zack was fortunate to follow their team for a week, gain insight to all they do and create a video that strives to capture all their great work. To learn more about The Contently Foundation, follow their journey at:

Feeling At Home with Erdos by Zack McDowell

Breaking bulbs, chasing dogs, and coloring with kiddies -- all in the name of beautiful footage. That's what this week looked like as we shot with our talented clients, Erdos at Home. John Erdos, Chief Creative Director of Erdos at Home, took over IO Metro to reimagine what furniture and home accessories can be. Last year, we had the honor of shooting his debut collections: Tribeca, Palm Springs, Hamptons, & Westpoint. To check out their summer collections, visit Erdos at Home's Facebook and Instagram pages, or watch below.

Can't wait to show you what's in store(s) for this fall! 

Capturing the Mind by Zack McDowell


We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Latina feminist and mental health activist, Dior Vargas, on an exciting new photography project taking place over the month of May. Dior has been working over the past few years speaking and leading coversations about the intersection of race and mental health. She is the creator of the People of Color and Mental Illness Photo Project and we have teamed up to expand that message into an artistic exhibit that will be released early next year and a book in the near future. Dugud and Dior will be working over the next month to capture portraits and stories of 60 People of Color who deal with various mental health conditions throughout the New York Metro area.

We have already started conversing and capturing the beautiful lives of individuals in the Bronx and Brooklyn but looking to cover so much more. Currently we have a few slots open for those who want to participate in our studio shoot taking place May 27th and 28th. If you are interested in joining this project, live in the NY metro area and fit any of the descriptions below - sign up online at Dior's site.

  • Asian or Native American
  • Male, trans, or gender non-conforming
  • Live in Queens
  • Couples, friends or family members also dealing with mental illness (group interview) 
  • People with physical disabilities