Hairdos Through The Decades / by Zack McDowell

We're traveling through time with "100 Years of Hairstyle." Bringing this project to fruition was exciting. From music to costumes, our entire team had a blast (from the past) interpreting various hairstyles sported through the decades. Check out the full video here: 

Credits: Dugud Lab (Production); Zack McDowell (Director); Johnathan Fields (Producer); Chiomy Afrnugo (MSA Models), Maggie Houlihan (MSA Models), Dobri Dobrev (One Management), Matthew Sinnaeve (RED NYC); Wendi Miyake & Fatimot Isadare (Make-Up); Karl PaytonMichael Johnson (Hair Stylist); Morgan Carnevale & Ben Vogel (Wardrobe & Art);  Bill Schaumberg (Camera Assistant); Nadia Gilbert (G&E);  Katelyn Rebel (Production Assistant); Attic Studios (Studio);  "Black Coffee (Masters of Swing  EP - Instrumental)" by  Wolfgang Lohr (Music)