Last August, we rejoined the BlackRock financial team - this time at their technology hub in Budapest, Hungary. We traveled the city to interview the Head of BlackRock Budapest, Melanie Seymour, who talked to us about intellectual curiosity. She, along with several other employees like Gabor Karmo and Dasha Hargreave, discuss the ways BlackRock is reimagining and reshaping Hungary. One way is by bringing nationals back home with opportunity.

Our team scouted their brand new state-of-the-art facilities and produced the employee videos featured below. The videos are a recruitment tool for BlackRock to use as a way to bring young technologically savvy professionals back home to the country. The team sailed with Janos Csak, who shared with us how BlackRock’s orientation process helped him hone in on his craft to be the best possible employee. We even took the Budapest subway with Ferenc Nagy and went on his morning commute to see another side of Budapest.

Watch how Budapest designs homecoming below and catch our previous BlackRock x Dugud Lab work here.