School is officially back in session and so are the fall fashions taking over the runways and hallways. For this season’s shoot we wanted to bring some fun and flare to people’s everyday wardrobe.


Our collaboration with Macerich Shopping Centers recreated looks from the season's top designers - such as Fendi, Versace, and Phillip Lim. We wanted to mix together high and low fashion to meet a variety of price points. Our hope was to inspire consumers to invest in key pieces that would update their wardrobe with versatility. With a nod to the 80s comedy, Heathers, we created throwback looks that are all about prep with an accurate amount of bougie. Ascots, the power shoulder, and layered sports coats create this signature look.

The Dugud Lab team hit the ground running for a two-day shoot in New York City with locations sprawling from a gorgeous Instagrammable loft in Soho to a new, hip wine bar in Brooklyn, Tailfeather. The perfect locations to explore what will be a trend that influences fall fashion - camp. Thanks to this year’s Met Gala theme, fashion takes a deeper dive into the abrupt, extravagant, and over-the-top. Graphic messages, dramatic asymmetrical cuts, inserting feathers in unexpected ways, oversized bows, and playing with scale are the easiest ways to translate to your everyday wardrobe. Ultimately we set out to capture looks that are perfect for any fall social gathering or adorned on the coolest kid on the playground.

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