Dugud Lab launched in 2015 as a multimedia production company that creates digital content for innovative brands and emerging voices. Based in New York City, Dugud is equipped to develop visual stories and engage people in ways that move beyond the screen. Our goal is to expand the imaginative process by making room for clients to experiment without losing quality. After all, creativity is sacred. 

From commercial clients to editorial assignments, our still, motion and interactive projects focus on a wide range of products from lifestyle and beauty to corporate and episodic content. If it has a clean design, color, and well told stories, sign us up!

Changing how we see images is clearly one way to change the world.
— bell hooks





Zack was raised on photo sets. His mom is a hair and make-up stylist and it was his grandma who gave him his first camera. In 2015, he wanted to do more than just show up to set and shoot. He wanted to put all of his creativity and design skills to use. So he moved to New York City, leaving Dallas behind, to co-found Dugud Lab as Creative Director and Key Photographer. His passions are connecting with people and telling great stories.  


Johnathan began his career in social change. After working at the intersection of marketing and operations for both non-profits and celebrities for 10+ years in Chicago then NYC, he decided to use his skills to enhance the power of creativity. In 2015, he co-founded Dugud Lab as the Executive Producer. His passions are travel, being efficacious and creative problem-solving.