As Halloween approaches, most people are thinking of goblins, ghouls, and any other thing that strikes fear in them. Fear of what lies beyond, underneath, and most importantly within. For this season we decided to create a beauty film that tells our own tale of a haunting. Paying attention to the skeletons left unseen in a relationship, Zack McDowell creates a dark tale on what it means to supported by a partner. Like a bad dream where you're falling, forever panicked of just when you'll hit the ground, models Laurie Bing and Devin Way lift one another in various AcroYoga positions - not knowing if and when they should let go. This film is accompanied with an original composed piece by Jason Arias who set the mood with his darkly romantic melody. This film begs the question - is it fear or love that keeps us in tumultuous relationships? 

Director: Zack McDowell 

Talent: Laurie Bing and Devin Way

Director of Photography: Nick Sherman

Assistant Camera: Justin Scheidt

Hair and Makeup: LB Rooser

Location Provided by: Doug Vousin 

Music: Jason Arias

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