Telling stories that need to be heard is at the heart of everything Dugud does. While many organizations tell stories that matter, it's rare to find a group of people that believe in the inherent power of storytelling and its potential to change the world. Our director, Zack, had the pleasure of creating a mission video for The Contently Foundation, an organization that's shedding light on stories that are often overlooked by major news sources. Through steadfast investigative journalism, this NY based 501(c)3, has partnered with Fusion, Gawker, New York Post, and the Guardian to bring these stories to the masses. What you may not know is that these stories can take months to investigate and countless hours from various volunteers to put together. Zack was fortunate to follow their team for a week, gain insight to all they do and create a video that strives to capture all their great work. To learn more about The Contently Foundation, follow their journey at: