Laying down roots in a new city isn’t always easy, especially when starting a new job. We partnered with Caesars Entertainment to create a video series talking about what it means to climb the career ladder when you live and work in Sin City. Over the course of a week, we chatted with over eighteen Caesars’ employees. From discussing personal priorities with C-level managers at a poker table to climbing the corporate ladder as we filmed in the tallest ferris wheel in the world, we toured the city’s many sights while learning what it means to be an ally in the workplace. No matter what city your career takes you to, there will always be a place to call home. 

What Is An Ally?

Caesars’ employees take us on a tour of their favourite views of the city, as we learn what it means to be an ally in the workplace.

What (Really) Happens In Vegas?

In this short social cut, we take you on an inside look of what it *really* means to live and work in this beautiful desert city.

Table Talk

Perfect your poker face as some of Caesars Entertainment top executive talent share how they navigate the hands their careers dealt.

What Is It Like To Work In Vegas?

Sometimes you ride. Sometimes you climb. In this video, we do both as the World’s highest Ferris wheel sets the scene for a convo on climbing the corporate ladder.

Innovation Starts Here

In this fun animated video, we learn what innovation truly looks like.

Production: Dugud Lab