Last week, our crew traveled to Southern California for a photoshoot with Macerich shopping centers to change the scenery up from last year’s holiday campaign. Over the course of three days, we captured content for April thru August 2019 for their properties social channels. Our first location was The Ranch Uncommon, a real home that doubles as a decor marketplace. It should be a national treasure. Our crew, and models Colin, Elisa and Bentley, really felt at home in Jennifer’s space.

By Day 2, we made our way over to a beach house alongside the Pacific in Malibu. Dugud Lab Co-Founder and photographer, Zack captured Cherie, Reagan & Pria in light-bright tones and floral prints. The clouds tried to steal our sunshine, but the crew made sure to angle in natural light for the best framing. Everyone tried to keep the sand out of, well, everything.

We ended the third day in a downtown Los Angeles studio with Sherica, Joshua and Samantha. The set-ups were playful and feature the models individually and together. For more on this project, stay tuned.