Last summer, we had the pleasure of working on a series with The We Company (formerly WeWork). We first traveled to their headquarters in San Francisco to meet John Hjelmstad, the VP of Engineering. He sat with us to talk technology and how their company wants to help people “make a fife, not just a living,” through community & technological advances. Our crew traveled back to New York to visit one of WeWork’s many Manhattan offices. Several employees echoed the same sentiments as John, sharing their experiences with the company. Director of Culture Operations, Anita Shannon, emphasized the culture at WeWork and their commitment to empowering people to pursue entrepreneurship.

Culture - the energy that surrounds us.
— Anita Shannon

One thing that really struck us was how Anita described what she considers culture - "the energy that surrounds us." Her main priority is to create a work environment that is proactive in evolving culture through diversity, support, and systematic happiness for the community at WeWork to flourish. Our team was happy to handle production and post-production for such an inspiring bunch of enterpreneurs.

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